Lyn Dobrin
I'm an OK cook, a good baker and a great eater. Serve me a delicious meal and I'll love you forever.
My grandmothers were excellent cooks and bakers. Mom, from Russia, was famous for her gefilte fish and yeast babkas—she indulged me with baby lamb chops and fresh-cut fries; Nona, from Yugoslavia, made a vinegary cucumber tomato, pepper and onion salad (I drank the dressing); little meat or cheese pies called borekas; and an apple strudel that has never been equaled by anyone, anywhere. I learned about farm-to-table living in Kenya, where the milk was still warm from the cow, the fish straight from Lake Victoria, and the tiny bananas grown in the region were rightly called "sugar." I learned much about the other side of food – hunger – editing Food Monitor, a magazine created by Harry Chapin and Francis Moore Lappe, the author of Diet for a Small Planet, which focused on issues of food, land and hunger. In my writing life, I've done articles about food, travel and gardens for Newsday, the Daily News, Distinction magazine, AAA Car & Travel, honeymoons.about.com, Long Island magazine and Long Island Woman. While living in Kenya and working for the Peace Corps, I collected short stories from the tribe with which I was living. The book, The Magic Stone, was published in Kenya and is used in schools in that country and Tanzania. I've been living on Long Island since I returned from Kenya in 1967. I am married to Arthur Dobrin, who teaches at Hofstra University. We have three children and three grandchildren.
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