Craigslist Finds in Mineola

Each week we will bring you some items we have found for sale on Craigslist.

Each week, we here at Patch will do the hard work of finding unusual, useful, or great deals on Craigslist. Now, if you’re interested, all that’s left to do is contact the owner.

Game on!

This Mineola resident is selling his classic original Nintendo games and two hand contollers. The games include Dr. Mario, Tetris, Super Mario 3, Boulder Dash and Golf. One cartridge has 52 games. Price for all is $175.

Vintage Racquet

This Mineola resident is selling their Wilson ‘Jack Kramer’ wooden tennis racquet from the 70’s era.It has been stored away since the 70’s and was hardly ever used and is in good condition. Price is $20.

A Little Privacy

This Mineola resident is selling their 4 panel, natural wood room divider. Each panel is approximately 17” in length and the wood and hardware is in perfect condition. The white screen has a few stains but they can easily be removed by someone who knows how to do it. Asking price is $85.

Duck Hunting

This Mineola resident is selling their brand new pair of Drake waterfowl bibs. They are a large size, never worn and are said to be the top of the line in waterfowl apparel. They have zippers on both legs so no need to take off your boots to get in and out of them and they are extremely warm. Price is $140.

Stylish Wallet

This Mineola resident is selling their authentic brown and white Louis Vuitton wallet. It is in very good condition and like new on the inside and out. Asking price is $285.


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