Things People Want To See Happen in Mineola in 2014

Improvements to downtown, road improvements top residents' wish lists.

Mineola Village Hall. Photo credit: Geoffrey Walter
Mineola Village Hall. Photo credit: Geoffrey Walter
On Thursday, we asked Mineola Facebook readers to comment on "What do you want to see happen in Mineola in 2014?"

Here's their wishes for 2014:
  • A Sonic restaurant according to Karina Alexandra
  • "A village that actually backs up the residents - after this weeks sewage back up that lead into my basement," said Susie Dos Santos
  • "Anything but a 711 on the corner of Latham and Jericho," Jessica Zmolil-Muenchen wrote.
  • Heather Kessler and Maureen Watson-Dreyer want repaved roads while Michael Pennacchio wants to see more development in the downtown area. Perhaps they can put in a "head shop" as suggested by Danny Martins.

What's on your 2014 wishlist for Mineola? Post in the comment box below.

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Bob Rabey January 11, 2014 at 03:41 AM
I'd like to see the parking along Jericho Tpke actually enforced. With the mulitude of meters, rarely is a ticket for expired meter actually written. DO YOUR JOB! Also during the high volume of traffic hours along Jericho, why is double parking tolerated causing major back-ups in the flow of traffic?? Next, there are a number of homes making major improvements with no visable building permits. DO YOUR JOB!
Ronnie Byrne January 18, 2014 at 02:32 PM
To Susie Dos Santos - The sewer on 10th Avenue near Old Country Road backed up in my basement last Sat (1/11). Do you leave near there? It's the third time since I moved into the area that this has happened because of this sewer. That is unacceptable, in my opinion. Anybody else experience this?


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