Plowing in Mineola to Resume Saturday

Additional plowing scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 4 after blizzard.

Snow plowing will resume in Mineola in the morning hours on Saturday, Jan. 4, 2014.

These operations will include additional plowing, clean-up and grooming, snow removal, and salting/sanding.

Residents are asked to please remove vehicles from streets whenever possible to allow for these clean-up operations to continue.

In addition, residents are reminded that snow from driveways, walks, and sidewalks should be placed or blown onto their own property, not into streets as this conflicts with road clearing efforts.

Also, if you have a fire hydrant adjacent to your property, please consider clearing it of snow so that firefighters can access it in the event of an emergency.  Remember, in a fire emergency the property you save may be your own.

Plowing had concluded in the village at 4:30 p.m. on Friday afternoon.

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Joanne Sicari Posillico January 04, 2014 at 08:39 AM
It's one thing to praise our village's employees when they do the right things but it's quite different when they "act out" their anger or mismanagement on residents. Yesterday's snowstorm reeked havoc everywhere and many residents (seniors) have to rely on the help of their neighbors. With that being said, after living here in Mineola for 22+ yrs, my husband almost all his life, we've never been subjected to such dispicable behavior from one of the village employees who was plowing our street. His actions could have resulted in very serious injury or even a death. His deliberate speeding up the street towards my husband and myself was totally inappropriate. His actions stemmed from my husband gesturing him to slow down as he was crossing our street after clearing out a neighbor's walkway. As the driver rounded the corners haplessly he gunned his truck towards both of us because he was obviously not happy about my husband telling him to slow down prior. As he approached my driveway the amount of snow built up into his plow forcefully ejected itself at me and my husband into my face/chest enough to knock me back against my car and flung my glasses off my face. I was shakened from almost being thrown to the ground and my husband immediately called the 3rd precinct by this employees actions. The village was notified. Luckily, I nor my husband were seriously injured but i am a senior nontheless. This man's actions were because he was asked to slow down while he plowed the street which many times he callously sped up and down the block prior . His lack of character and temperment could have resulted in a very serious situation, and if my grandchildren were playing nearby, possibly a death. I am appalled by this employees behavior and it is my hope that our residents take great precaution during the snowstorms . I am hoping this employee realizes how his lack of concern may have resulted in a tragedy. Just because you work for our village doesn't allow for you to be callous and superior to those who pay your salaries. Sincerely a very disappointed resident.


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