Chaminade Hockey Shuts Out St. Joseph’s 2-0

Flyers goalie Brandon Destasio stops 14 shots for first shutout of season.

One was enough.

Nevermind the second goal or the other two periods of the game.

One was all Chaminade goalie Brandon Destasio would need to earn his first shutout of the year this past Friday night in Brooklyn against St. Joseph’s by the Sea.

“My team helped my out a lot in this game,” the junior goalkeeper said. “They took shots to the outside, cleared a lot of rebounds and I saw every shot so my team helped me get the shutout, not just me.”

Destasio is a newcomer to the Flyers this season, having spent the previous year tending the net for a travel team.

The almost exactly one month ago, Destasio allowed two goals on 30 shots, leaving with a draw.

“I had an idea about what to expect, how they were going to shoot, like what plays they were going to run as far as a powerplay, stuff like that,” he said. “They like to work it from the point; they take far shots and work for rebounds.”

This time Chaminade got the two goals, while Destasio stopped all 14 shots on his net.

“It was probably not one of his better games this year but it was nice that we got a shutout out of it,” Chaminade assistant coach Kevin Bendl said. “It is good to have him in there; as long as we have the defense that we have, we’re going to be in every game.”

One period would be all the Flyers needed to score – one minute in fact – for sophomore Dillon Radin to push the puck past St. Joseph’s goalie Rob Palumbo.

“We got off to a quick start and I was just in the right place at the right time,” the Long Beach native would say. “Henry got it to me, it was lucky but I finished right away.”

Getting the assist was Radin’s , who reversed roles with Dillon with one minute left in the period.

“It’s been back and forth, I give it to him, he gives it to me. We’ve built a chemistry between each other, it’s good, yeah,” the sophomore smiled, his braces belying his youth on the senior team.

It is not uncommon for Radin’s and Henry’s numbers to find themselves next to each other in goals and assists on the Flyer scorecard in some combination or alongside Andrew Veglucci; the three did comprise the front line at the JV level and had 9 goals.

“They were unstoppable on JV so we thought it would be a great idea to bring him up,” Bendl said of Radin. “He plays like his upperclassmates so he fits in well with them. You would never be able to tell he’s a sophomore.”

1 2 3 F Chaminade High School 2 0 0 2 St. Joseph by the Sea 0 0 0 0


Chaminade Scoring Statistics Player Goals Assts. Dillon Radin 1 1 James Henry 1 1 Andrew Veglucci 0 1


Chaminade Goalkeeping Goalie Shots Brandon Destasio 14


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