VIDEOS: Moro and Medlock Named 2012 Reggie Carter Award Winners

Mineola seniors receive annual award honoring former Mineola High School assistant principal.

seniors Matthew Moro and Kerri Medlock carried on a tradition Friday night, being named the recipients of the for their contributions to their respective basketball teams.

Carter served as assistant principal beginning in 1996 until his death from a heart attack in 1999. He ranks among the top all-time scorers at the University of St. John’s and was a former New York Knick.

Each year the school recognizes a member of the girls and boys teams to receive the award. Also, in 2000, it was decided by players that one captain of the boys’ team and one captain of the girls’ team would wear Carter’s number 35 to honor his memory.

All ticket sales as well as funds in a donation jar at the door will go toward the Reggie Carter scholarship fund which will be awarded to two seniors at the end of the year, though not necessarily the ones from the basketball teams.


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